Wow Cataclysm: Beer Magic And Steel

You have voted the last time that the little dragon Laslo developed suspicious and greedy tendencies Thalis constantly begging for food. But that’s just the only circumstance that keeps the siblings of the trip? To find it, simply read on. Have fun!

You want to put your character in the interactive story? Then to be designed a character – Appearance and basic characteristics are sufficient. The more developed the character appears, the greater may be his role. He can, for statistics, for supporting character or even become the main character. We will try to send each character to be sent on an adventure in beer, magic and steel. ”

“We’re sitting here now beaten four hours! Thalis When do you think that the stupid creature is finally ready to spread his wings and fly?” Lyria was angry.

“Hush”, made Thalis. “You insult him and then he will probably never want to fly!”

Lyria moaned the dragon nibbled indifferent to using a magic horn and Thalis looked at him with dreamy eyes. Lyria constantly drummed his fingers on her knee. Now and then she rolled her eyes and called her good intention to mind.

“Gutzi gutzi like, you ever try to fly?” click more details Thalis tease the dragon. He lifted the kite above his own head. Laslo suddenly began to panic, flapping and screaming pathetic. It sounded as if they would propose to a man, but now breathe to time under water.

“Oh, has the little scared,” said Thalis. “Then we let him hold a little more time.” He held the Dragons back in the arms. Laslo had calmed down but not yet, his little chest rose and fell rapidly. Thalis looked at him sympathetically.

“You have certainly still hungry. Look, I’m still a muff”

“Damn, you have the dragon has now stuffed more food in his throat as well would do himself an ogre!” Lyria interrupted him angrily. “So he will never fly, can roll a maximum!”

Thalis looked at his sister hurt. “He must increase but growtopia cheats online target=”_blank” >boom beach cheats hack still!” he defended.

“Yes, but in the air and not only in breadth, my goodness, I’m glad you still have found no woman!” Lyria prevailed on him.

Thalis pulled a pout and Laslo Lyria looked strangely hostile. Thalis stroked his head and reassured him. “Do not worry, have my stupid sister does not mean it”

“You really think he would understand you?” He’s a dragon! A beast! With shed! ” Lyria is angry.

“Of course he understands me. Look,” said Thalis and turned to Laslo. “Is the red-haired elf as stupid?” he asked, pointing to the dragon Lyria. Laslo snorted and looked at Thalis. Then he looked back to Lyria and made a sudden movement of the head down and back up again.

“Ha! You see?” He nodded his head! ” Thalis triumphed.

Lyria stared at the dragon with his mouth open. Then crept dislike in her face. She turned to Thalis.

“Brother, if released here now even his mother. A huge and damn angry dragon lady who wanted me in exchange for Laszlo. What would you be?” asked Lyria and folded his arms expectantly.

“You in exchange for Laszlo?” Thalis are insured. “So …” Thalis thought about it and looked alternately Lyria and the dragon on his arms.